Delete rabbit_stop from rabbit_start

On DC with central cloud as standard, sometimes occurs
that RabbitMQ doesn't start properly and keeps being restarted
by sm, either on system restart or restarting RabbitMQ service.
It was found that part of the problem was the presence of
the rabbit_stop function inside the rabbit_start,
which was added in the past because in a previous version
of RabbitMQ the service didn't completely stop before the
call of the start function. Since this problem doesn't occur
on Debian, the rabbit_stop call was removed, and along side
[1], fixes this problem.

Test Plan:
PASS - Run sm-restart service rabbit successfully check rabbit was
  running as expected. This test was used to recreate the bug.
PASS - Reboot the host successfully and check rabbit was running as
PASS - Lock/unlock and check if rabbit was running as expected.

Regression test:
PASS - Install and bootstrap DC
PASS - Install and bootstrap DX


Closes-bug: 1997966

Signed-off-by: Victor Romano <>
Change-Id: Ibd49a83f58a7f7efcf7b5c026aaf3e86d985e31d
Victor Romano 4 months ago committed by Victor Romano
parent 84daed705c
commit 2c9f1f2ac3

@ -306,10 +306,6 @@ rabbit_start() {
# Call rabbit_stop, just in case something's still running
ocf_log info "Calling rabbit_stop ahead of rabbit_start"
# Increase the maximum number of file descriptors that can be open at