Fix bindep for EL9 platforms

Currently it tries to install libselinux-python and
libsemanage-python with bindep but those rpms are
only applicable to EL7 platforms.

Since we no longer support python2, let's cleanup
python2 specific rpms and use rpm names which
are applicable to all rpm distros.
python3-libselinux and python3-libsemanage should
be installable on EL7, EL8, EL9 and fedora platform.

Change-Id: I49d7d599fb6c158237de2180e2a0ff15a79b4c80
yatinkarel 8 months ago
parent bf7afad8b3
commit 1742a86759

@ -7,10 +7,5 @@ python36-devel [platform:rhel8 platform:centos-8]
python3-devel [platform:rpm !platform:rhel8 !platform:centos-8]
# For SELinux
libselinux-python [platform:rpm !platform:rhel-8 !platform:centos-8 !platform:fedora]
libsemanage-python [platform:redhat !platform:rhel-8 !platform:centos-8 !platform:fedora]
libselinux-python3 [platform:rpm !platform:rhel-7 !platform:centos-7 !platform:fedora]
libsemanage-python3 [platform:redhat !platform:rhel-7 !platform:centos-7 !platform:fedora]
python3-libselinux [platform:rpm platform:fedora]
python3-libsemanage [platform:rpm platform:fedora]
python3-libselinux [platform:rpm]
python3-libsemanage [platform:rpm]