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Clark Boylan 5efc72a33e
Cleanup mailman puppetry
2 years ago
ask ask.o.o : workaround old puppet-solr package 4 years ago
cacti Filter docker directories out of cacti 4 years ago
dashboard Puppet dashboard mysqld innodb_file_per_table. 10 years ago
git Add haproxy-statsd to haproxy server 4 years ago
logstash Ectomy some Jenkins out of the docs 4 years ago
openafs Periodically release additional AFS volumes 3 years ago
puppetmaster Update opendev git references in puppet modules 4 years ago
status Remove bugday from status.o.o 4 years ago
storyboard Switch storyboard to 6 years ago
disallow_robots.txt Add back disallow_robots.txt 8 years ago
login.defs.debian Declare a non-overlapping dynamic UID/GID range 8 years ago
login.defs.redhat login.defs/redhat: set SYS_UID_MIN and SYS_GID_MIN 7 years ago
opendev.svg Rename gerrit logo file 4 years ago
openstack.png Move OpenStack branding and launchpad integration. 11 years ago