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# We exclude !disabled because we want to run the noop task on all
# of the hosts in the group, not just the active ones, because we're
# pulling their hostvars from the fact cache. They don't stop being
# zookeeper servers just because they are disabled.
- hosts: "zookeeper"
- name: Use the host so we have access to its hostvars
msg: "This debug statement is to get us access to hostvars"
- hosts: "zuul:!disabled"
name: "Configure zuul servers"
- iptables
- install-docker
- zuul
- hosts: "zuul-merger:!disabled"
name: "Configure zuul merger"
- zuul-merger
- hosts: "zuul-executor:!disabled"
name: "Configure zuul executor"
- role: kerberos-client
- role: openafs-client
openafs_client_cache_size: "{{ afs_client_cache_size | default(10000000) }}" # 10GiB
- role: zuul-executor
- hosts: "zuul-scheduler:!disabled"
name: "Configure zuul scheduler"
- zuul-scheduler
- zuul-web