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name = openstack-infra-config
summary = OpenStack Infrastructure Config
description-file =
author = OpenDev Contributors
author-email =
home-page =
classifier =
Environment :: OpenStack
Intended Audience :: Information Technology
Intended Audience :: System Administrators
License :: OSI Approved :: Apache Software License
Operating System :: POSIX :: Linux
Programming Language :: Python
# This is here to workaround setuptools automatic package discovery problems.
# Setuptools finds multiple packages which is an error with autodiscovery.
# This is due to having python files in separate top level dirs that are not
# excluded from searching. All of this is documented at:
# We essentially bypass it by telling it there are no packages to discover
# then rely on PBR to find the package for us instead.
packages =
all_files = 1
build-dir = doc/build
source-dir = doc/source
warning-is-error = 1