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# This ensures fact population so the borg-backup role, run on the
# backup-clients, can add the public key for each backup server in
# "borg-backup-server" to it's known_hosts.
- hosts: "borg-backup-server:!disabled"
name: "Populate backup server host keys"
- name: 'Gather minimal host facts'
gather_subset: '!all'
# These two steps needs to happen in order. Backup hosts export their
# username/key combos in this step, then the following role uses that
# info to authorizes these users on the backup servers.
- hosts: "borg-backup:!disabled"
name: "Generate borg backup users and keys"
- iptables
- borg-backup
- hosts: "borg-backup-server:!disabled"
name: "Generate borg configuration"
- iptables
- borg-backup-server