System configuration for the OpenDev Collaboratory
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Zuul a8a19abf2c Merge "system-config-run-borg-backup: add to gate" 4 days ago
docker-images Add Gerrit 3.6 jobs 2 months ago
goaccess.yaml Organize zuul jobs in zuul.d/ dir 2 years ago
infra-prod.yaml paste: move certificate to group variable 2 weeks ago
project.yaml system-config-run-borg-backup: add to gate 5 days ago
puppet.yaml Remove ethercalc config management 3 months ago
system-config-roles.yaml Add testing for jammy openafs 3 months ago
system-config-run.yaml Merge "system-config-run-borg-backup: rename hosts to distro" 4 days ago