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- hosts: "gitea"
- name: Run selenium container
name: run-selenium
- name: Test base jobs project was created in gitea
url: "https://localhost:3000/opendev/base-jobs"
validate_certs: false
status_code: 200
- name: Test zuul project was created in gitea
url: "https://localhost:3000/zuul/zuul"
validate_certs: false
status_code: 200
return_content: yes
register: zuul_content
- name: Assert description updated
msg: Zuul description was not updated
when: '"Zuuls new description" not in zuul_content.content'
- name: Configure ssh for pushing into test gitea
shell: |
ssh-keyscan -t rsa -p 222 localhost >> /home/zuul/.ssh/known_hosts
ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -f /home/zuul/.ssh/id_ed25519 -C giteagerrittest -P ''
# We become zuul here because we need to git push has zuul later to
# ensure the owner of the git repo is the one operating on it.
become: true
become_user: zuul
- name: Register new gitea gerrit pubkey value
src: /home/zuul/.ssh/
register: slurped_gitea_gerrit_pubkey
- name: Set testing key on gerrit account in gitea
no_log: true
user: root
password: "{{ gitea_root_password }}"
force_basic_auth: true
url: "https://localhost:3000/api/v1/admin/users/gerrit/keys"
validate_certs: false
method: POST
status_code: 201
body_format: json
key: "{{ slurped_gitea_gerrit_pubkey['content'] | b64decode }}"
read_only: false
title: "Gerrit testing key"
- name: Push system-config into our test gitea for testing
shell: |
cd /home/zuul/src/
git remote add test-gitea ssh://git@localhost:222/opendev/system-config
GIT_SSH_COMMAND='ssh -i /home/zuul/.ssh/id_ed25519' git push -f test-gitea master
# We run this as zuul because zuul owns the git repo in /home/zuul
# and git by default does not want to operate on a git repo as another
# user.
become: true
become_user: zuul
- name: Run rename playbook
import_playbook: rename_repos.yaml
repolist: /home/zuul/src/
# This is conveniently left here so that it can be uncommented in order to
# autohold the system-config-run-gitea job in zuul.
#- hosts:
# tasks:
# - name: Force a failure for human intervention
# fail:
# msg: Failing so that we can check on things with a hold