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Clark Boylan c95726ed1e
Build Gerrit on top of our python-base images
2 days ago
accessbot Use yaml.safe_load() in accessbot 1 year ago
etherpad Update etherpad to 1.8.18 9 months ago
gerrit Build Gerrit on top of our python-base images 2 days ago
gitea Revert "Update git in gitea images" 3 days ago
gitea-init Be explicit about using python3 in docker images 3 years ago
haproxy-statsd Run haproxy-statsd as uid 1000 1 year ago
hound Revert "hound: use updated git packages" 3 days ago
ircbot Install Limnoria from upstream 7 months ago
jinja-init Fixup jinja-init image 4 months ago
mailman Fork the maxking/docker-mailman images 2 months ago
matrix-eavesdrop Update matrix-eavesdrop image to bullseye 1 year ago
python-base Merge "Add python 3.11 docker images" 3 months ago
python-builder Merge "Switch python-builder/python-base to pip wheel" 2 months ago
refstack Install refstack with openstack constraints 5 months ago
uwsgi-base Merge "Cleanup uwsgi build hacks" 3 months ago
zookeeper-statsd Add ssl support to zookeeper-statsd and fix latency handling 3 months ago