gitea: test loadbalancer to gitea

This explicitly tests connection through the load-balancer to the
gitea backend to ensure correct operation.

Additionally, it adds a check of the haproxy output to make sure the
back-ends are active (that's the srv_op_state field, c.f. [1])


Change-Id: Ia896134d6a9b6951acebfbf8b0b32a7ef8b87777
Ian Wienand 7 months ago
parent 939233e4e4
commit dd35b401a7

@ -29,3 +29,15 @@ def test_haproxy_statsd_running(host):
out = json.loads(cmd.stdout)
assert out[0]["State"]["Status"] == "running"
assert out[0]["RestartCount"] == 0
def test_haproxy_gitea_connection(host):
cmd ='curl --resolve '
assert 'OpenDev: Free Software Needs Free Tools' in cmd.stdout
def test_haproxy_stats(host):
cmd ='echo "show servers state" | socat /var/haproxy/run/stats stdio | '
'tail +3 | awk \'{print $2,$4,$6}\'')
assert 'balance_git_http 2' in cmd.stdout
assert 'balance_git_https 2' in cmd.stdout