Use prod_bastion group in gate bootstrap

This was missed in I137ab824b9a09ccb067b8d5f0bb2896192291883.

The called bootstrap playbook runs on prod_bastion[0], but we were
still calling the constructed gate group "bastion" (see note below on
what it's doing).

We don't notice because the multi-node setup is already making it so
the nodes can log into each other.  But it means we're not exercising
the root key addition role, which we should be doing in the gate.

Change-Id: I8238fc11a055c6d926b58df93c48a47121c0fde1
Ian Wienand 3 months ago
parent 2e961b1af0
commit c887a0a7d9
No known key found for this signature in database

@ -71,7 +71,7 @@
content: |
{{ inventory_hostname }}
{{ inventory_hostname }}
dest: '/home/zuul/bastion-inventory.ini'