Mention new mailing lists

The OpenDev community is moving its discussions off the old
openstack-infra mailing list, so make sure to refer to the correct
new address(es).

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If this sounds interesting, and you have some capacity to spare, it
would be very much appreciated. You are welcome to contact the
Infrastructure team on our public mailing list at
<>, or in our IRC channel,
`#opendev` on Freenode. You are also welcome to privately
contact the `Infrastructure Project Team lead
<>, or in our IRC channel,
`#opendev` on Freenode.
Contribution Workflow

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<p>For scaling and redundancy purposes we are actually running a number of independent Giteas behind a load balancer. We can keep git repos in sync from Gerrit reasonably well, but the issue tracker and wiki functionality would need another level of state syncing. Once Gitea can be run as a proper cluster this may change, but until then the functionality is limited.</p>
<h1 id="contact-info">Contact info</h1>
<p>These will be updated when moved to their new OpenDev locations</p>
<li>Mailing list:</li>
<li>IRC #opendev on Freenode</li>
<li>Mailing list:</li>
<li>Important announcements:</li>

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