Rearrange set-hostnames and cloud-init removal

In launch-node, we run two playbooks that aren't part of base.
One sets the system's hostname and removes cloud-init, the other
runs unattended update.

We need to run the hostname setting in our functional tests so
that the hosts behave as expected, but running the cloud-init
removal is a little weird, since our test nodes already don't
have it.

Make it so that set-hostname actually just sets the hostname,
and then run it in run-base. For running puppet, we need the
host to have the correct hostname.

Move cloud-init removal to the base-server role. Also move
the autoremove into base-server, since it's probably a nice
way to get rid of excess things.

Change-Id: I53cb8c515444a7d73b839e799c5794b067429daa
Monty Taylor 3 years ago
parent 3e4d99b6fd
commit 68b50ca05b

@ -41,8 +41,12 @@
- popularity-contest
- lxd
- lxd-client
- cloud-init
state: absent
- name: Get rid of extra depends
command: apt-get autoremove -y
- name: Configure file limits
mode: 0644

@ -1,7 +1,6 @@
Set hostname
Remove ``cloud-init`` and statically set the hostname, hosts and
Statically set the hostname, hosts and mailname
**Role Variables**

@ -1,11 +1,11 @@
- name: Remove cloud-init
name: cloud-init
state: absent
- name: Get rid of cloud-init depends
command: apt-get autoremove -y
# Setting hostname with systemd apparently
# requires dbus. We have this on our cloud-provided
# nodes, but not on the minimal ones we get from
# nodepool.
- name: ensure dbus for working hostnamectl
name: dbus
state: present
# Set hostname and /etc/hosts
# Inspired by:

@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
- hosts: "{{ target }}"
- hosts: "!disabled"
gather_facts: false
user: root

@ -90,6 +90,8 @@
dest: /home/zuul/src/
become: true
- name: Set hostname on host
command: ansible-playbook -v /home/zuul/src/
- name: Run base.yaml
command: ansible-playbook -v /home/zuul/src/
- name: Run bridge service playbook