cloud-launcher: use venv with openstacksdk installed

I noticed on the new bridge the cloud-launcher job is failing with

 openstacksdk is required for this module

which is because this is running on bridge with the system python, not
the ansible-venv python where we install Ansible and openstacksdk.
Set the interpreter so we use this instead.

Change-Id: Ie15680e0a1976567bebce6bcd9121b6221f54142
Ian Wienand 5 months ago
parent f7153cf018
commit 5c539a9eef
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@ -1,2 +1,9 @@
- cloud-launcher
# This is the Ansible / openstacksdk venv setup on the bastion host.
# The roles from above are setup in /etc globally, but when running on
# the remote host they require opentacksdk access. This means it is
# assumed that a cloud launcher is the pre-configured bastion host;
# which is true.
ansible_python_interpreter: '/usr/ansible-venv/bin/python3'