Revert "Update to tip of master in periodic jobs"

This reverts commit 32978fe729.

The update to the project-config code is moved into the dependent
change in base-jobs, alongside the same thing for system-config.
This way the workaround is in one place.

This also expands the notes in the project-config sync role to better
explain what it is doing.

Change-Id: I492c01159665e7e7c6684ad36d57388e55127861
Ian Wienand 5 months ago
parent 730fcf0171
commit 5795119373
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@ -1 +1,14 @@
Sync project-config to remote host
This syncs the ``project-config`` repo checked out on the bastion host
(which is actually running the Ansible that runs this role) to the
current host. This repo holds configuration for some production hosts
and thus we want to make sure to deploy those services with the
checked-out tree Zuul has prepared for a given deploy-pipeline CD job
run (i.e. so we apply config updates in commit order).
Also see the `setup-src
to see where this checkout is setup; there are some tricks -- for
example for hourly and periodic jobs we want to ensure we run from
master at the time the job runs, not at the time the job was enqueued.

@ -1,3 +1,2 @@
project_config_dest: /opt/project-config
project_config_subdir: ""
infra_prod_run_from_master: "{{ zuul.pipeline|default('') in ['periodic', 'opendev-prod-hourly'] }}"

@ -3,14 +3,6 @@
path: '{{ project_config_dest }}'
state: directory
- name: Update from master on bastion host
when: infra_prod_run_from_master|bool
delegate_to: '{{ groups["bastion"][0] }}'
dest: '{{ project_config_src }}'
force: yes
- name: Sync project-config repo
src: '{{ project_config_src }}/{{ project_config_subdir }}'