Cleanup uwsgi build hacks

The recent uwsgi 2.0.21 release claims to have fixed issues building
uwsgi that required us to increase pip verbosity and reduce concurrency.
Remove those hacky workarounds in order to simplify our image.

Change-Id: I8b81bc3a5e6977ba8cd296708f356bc6db030fc2
Clark Boylan 4 months ago
parent f82a97f1f3
commit 4884d3b858

@ -20,19 +20,7 @@ FROM${PYTHON_VERSION}-${DEBIAN_VERSION} as
COPY . /tmp/src
# We set pip verbosity because this seems to make the uWSGI wheel builds
# more reliable on bullseye. Is it crazy to rely on this? Absolutely. But
# uWSGI's build system is a ball of fun. There is an upstream pull request
# that appears to be fixing this issue:
# jrosser also indicates this can be fixed by not overriding function names:
# Until a fix lands use this verbosity flag to work around it.
# Older python bundles older pip and doesn't understand non binary
# verbosity values. We explicitly invoke bash here to get access to [[
# in order to check the version against a pattern. test doesn't cut it.
RUN /bin/bash -c "if [[ $PYTHON_VERSION == 3.7* ]] ; then exit 0 ; else exit 1 ; fi" && PIP_VERBOSE=1 assemble uWSGI || PIP_VERBOSE=3 assemble uWSGI
RUN assemble uWSGI