third-party CI: reminder to keep address current

Now that we're retiring the third-party-ci-announce mailing list,
which we never really used consistently anyway, just tell
third-party CI operators to make sure the E-mail address on their
account is current and reachable.

Change-Id: I6186149de25b06f2982702143a807de8bb01be73
Jeremy Stanley 9 months ago
parent 1f1443a2c8
commit 40caa4eec6

@ -190,10 +190,14 @@ account. Once logged in you will need to do several things:
something like ``IBM DB2 CI``.
3. Add the SSH public key you will be using to the Gerrit account at You can generate an . You can generate an
ssh key using ``ssh-keygen``. You want to give Gerrit the contents of
the generated file.
4. Make sure the address at
is current and can be reached in case we need to inform you of a problem
with your account's activities.
It would also be a good idea to contact the `Third Party Coordinators
<>`_ asking to add your account
to the `Third Party CI mail filter list