Clarify the purpose of this repository

Over time, we encounter people who have reused contents from this
repository for their own systems, and would like to collaborate with
us to make changes which ease their external use case. While
extremely flattering, that's not the intent of our publishing of the
files here, and accepting changes to it which support use cases
other than our own represents additional risk to our production

Update the introduction and contributing sections of the README file
in order to explain that such changes will be rejected by our

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Jeremy Stanley 11 months ago
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@ -18,6 +18,15 @@ Although the act of running puppet on these hosts is managed by
Ansible, the actual core of their orchestration lives in ``manifests``
and ``modules``.
The files in this repository are provided as an opinionated example
service deployment, and to allow the OpenDev Collaboratory to use public
software development workflows in order to coordinate changes and
improvements to the systems it runs. This repository is not intended as
a reconsumable project on its own, and anyone wishing to adjust it to
suit their own needs should do so with a fork. The system-config
reviewers are unable to evaluate and support use cases for the contents
here other than their own.
@ -60,7 +69,13 @@ automatically tested, reviewed by humans and, once accepted, deployed
Bug fixes or modifications to existing code are great places to start,
and you will see the results of your changes in CI testing.
and you will see the results of your changes in CI testing. Please
remember that this repository consists of configuration and
orchestration for OpenDev Collaboratory production systems, so
contributions to it will be evaluated on the basis of whether they're
useful or applicable to OpenDev's services. Changes intended to make the
contents more easily reusable outside OpenDev itself are not in scope,
and so will be rejected by reviewers.
You can develop all the playbooks, roles, containers and testing
required for a new service just by uploading a change. Using a