Swap meetbot networks

This will update meetbot to connect to OFTC using the new opendevmeet
nick. We keep the site name the same for simplicity. However, the
network name updates which causes irclogs to be written to a new
location. We have already copied the old logs from the FreeNode location
to the OFTC location so this should be a noop.

Change-Id: Ie72280ad2129418d7df549f2ba629a891f172496
Clark Boylan 2 years ago
parent f691057b5b
commit 3a776f0c30

@ -35,10 +35,10 @@ class openstack_project::eavesdrop (
meetbot::site { 'openstack':
nick => 'openstack',
nick => 'opendevmeet',
nickpass => $nickpass,
network => 'FreeNode',
server => 'chat.freenode.net:7000',
network => 'OFTC',
server => 'irc4.oftc.net:6697',
use_ssl => 'True',
vhost_extra => $vhost_extra,
vhost_name => 'eavesdrop.openstack.org',