install-ansible: unconditionally install build-essential

Deployment to the new Jammy bridge host is failing because it can't
build netifaces for Python 3.10.  Upstream doesn't have a wheel --
this must not fail in the gate because we setup the testing bridge
node to use our wheel cache.

We should unconditionally install this for maximum flexiblity when
deploying fresh hosts.

Change-Id: Iaf0dd577cf1bdc0c9464b7413d22eec9db37a640
Ian Wienand 5 months ago
parent 3e323c3895
commit 3882b4700e
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@ -61,14 +61,16 @@
name: crypto
repo: ansible-collections/community.crypto
- name: Ensure required Ansible build packages for non-wheel architectures
# NOTE(ianw) 2022-10-26 : ARM64 generally needs this because upstream
# projects don't always ship arm64 wheels. But x86 may need it when
# we have a fresh host with a more recent Python too
- name: Ensure required Ansible build packages
update_cache: yes
- libffi-dev
- libssl-dev
- build-essential
when: ansible_architecture == 'aarch64'
- name: Install ansible