Merge "zuul reboot: pin to"

Zuul 3 months ago committed by Gerrit Code Review
commit 34f27b9000

@ -33,6 +33,16 @@
name: rax-dns-backup
# NOTE: we have hard-coded the active bridge here because we only want
# to install this on the currently active production bridge that will
# execute this reboot cycle (we don't have two bastion hosts usually,
# but if we are bootstrapping a new one there may be a period where
# both have credentials). For testing we also allow it to install on
# the system-config-run host -- but it will not have the credentials
# to actually do anything there if it does fire.
- hosts:!disabled
name: Install reboot jobs
- name: Automated Zuul cluster reboots and updates
# Note this is run via cron because a zuul job can't run this playbook
# as the playbook relies on all jobs ending for graceful stops on the