Cleanup force merging docs

At some point we shifted from doing this task using the web UI to
primarily using ssh only admin accounts. The docs ended up in a slightly
confusing place with steps that only make sense when you interact with
the web UI. Update the force merge docs to assume ssh only which is far
more aligned with our admin account expectations.

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Clark Boylan 3 months ago
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commit 2e961b1af0

@ -230,27 +230,35 @@ these cases, use the following procedure to force-merge a change.
$ ssh -p 29418 \
"gerrit set-members 'Project Bootstrappers' --add myname.admin"
* Navigate to the change which needs to be merged and reload the page.
* Changes with Code-Review -2, Verified -2, or Workflow -1 votes cannot
merge. If the change has any of these votes you will need to remove them
first. We can do that via SSH by removing users with those votes from the
reviewer list:
* Remove any -2 votes on the change.
.. code-block:: shell-session
$ ssh -p 29418 \
"gerrit set-reviewers --project foo/bar --remove $USER_WITH_VOTE 123456"
* Add +2 Code-Review, and +1 Workflow votes if necessary, then add +2
Verified. Also leave a review comment briefly explaining why this
was necessary, and make sure to mention it in the #opendev
IRC channel (ideally as a #status log entry for the benefit of
those not paying close attention to scrollback).
* To merge the change needs a Code-Review +2, Verified +2, and Workflow +1.
We will apply those votes and ask Gerrit to submit (merge) the change
using a single `gerrit review` command:
* At this point, a *Submit* Button should appear, click it. The
change should now be merged.
.. code-block:: shell-session
$ ssh -p 29418 \
"gerrit review 12345,6 --message 'Bypassing Zuul to merge this.' \
--code-review=2 --verified=2 --label workflow=1 --submit"
Please edit the message argment to provide as much detail as possible
for why the normal processes were bypassed in this situation.
* Remove yourself from *Project Bootstrappers*
.. code-block:: shell-session
$ ssh -p 29418 \
"gerrit set-members 'Project Bootstrappers' --remove myname.admin"
"gerrit set-members 'Project Bootstrappers' --remove myname.admin"
This procedure is the safest way to force-merge a change, ensuring
that all of the normal steps that Gerrit performs on repos still