Merge "Cleanup uwsgi build hacks"

Zuul 3 months ago committed by Gerrit Code Review
commit 2cd574c16f

@ -20,19 +20,7 @@ FROM${PYTHON_VERSION}-${DEBIAN_VERSION} as
COPY . /tmp/src
# We set pip verbosity because this seems to make the uWSGI wheel builds
# more reliable on bullseye. Is it crazy to rely on this? Absolutely. But
# uWSGI's build system is a ball of fun. There is an upstream pull request
# that appears to be fixing this issue:
# jrosser also indicates this can be fixed by not overriding function names:
# Until a fix lands use this verbosity flag to work around it.
# Older python bundles older pip and doesn't understand non binary
# verbosity values. We explicitly invoke bash here to get access to [[
# in order to check the version against a pattern. test doesn't cut it.
RUN /bin/bash -c "if [[ $PYTHON_VERSION == 3.7* ]] ; then exit 0 ; else exit 1 ; fi" && PIP_VERBOSE=1 assemble uWSGI || PIP_VERBOSE=3 assemble uWSGI
RUN assemble uWSGI