Set Gerrit sshd.batchThreads to 0

Currently `gerrit show-queue -w -q` indicates we are only using 2
threads for service users and have 100 available for interactive users.
Unfortunately we really have three current classes of users: Humans,
Zuul, and everything else. We can't currently separate these into
different pools so instead we'll try using a single large pool and
sharing. To do that we set batchThreads to the special value of 0.

Change-Id: I08681a6b88683355ea5780ac452de903c8c8a7a3
Clark Boylan 12 months ago
parent a50aab2e3a
commit 2c5bc279d6

@ -44,6 +44,8 @@
listenAddress = *:29418
threads = 100
# batchThreads = 0 means share the 100 thread pool set above.
batchThreads = 0
idleTimeout = 3600
maxConnectionsPerUser = 96