gitea: fix loadbalancer forwarding in testing

We have moved to a situation where we proxy requests to gitea (3000)
via Apache listening on 3081 -- this is useful for layer 7 filtering
like matching on user-agents.

It seems like we missed some of this configuration in our
load-balancer testing.  Update the https forward on the load-balancer
to port 3081 on the gitea test host.

Also, remove the explicit port opening in the testing group_vars; for
some reason this was not opening port 3080 (http).  This will just use
the production settings when we don't override it.

Change-Id: Ic5690ed893b909a7e6b4074a1e5cd71ab0683ab4
Ian Wienand 7 months ago
parent 195ff48d4a
commit 28166a9755

@ -11,5 +11,5 @@ gitea_lb_listeners:
- ":::443"
- name: ""
address: "{{ (hostvars[''] | default({})).get('nodepool', {}).get('public_ipv4', '') }}:3000"
address: "{{ (hostvars[''] | default({})).get('nodepool', {}).get('public_ipv4', '') }}:3081"
check_method: "check check-ssl verify none"

@ -8,5 +8,3 @@ gitea_root_password: BUbBcpToMwR05ZCB
gitea_no_log: false
gitea_gerrit_password: yVpMWIUIvT7f6NwA
gitea_reverse_proxy_hostname: localhost
- 3081