Revert "infra-prod: clone source once"

This reverts commit 42df57b545.
This reverts commit 9cccb02bb0.

Change-Id: I56be9bcf54b634b7403e71af8b4d08d234cbb91a
Jeremy Stanley 1 year ago
parent fc257bdcaa
commit 1987f86a9a

@ -1,6 +0,0 @@
- hosts:
become: true
- name: Placeholder
msg: 'Setup production workspace tasks running'

@ -7,27 +7,9 @@
name: infra-prod-playbook
max: 1
# This job is intended to run first and setup the bridge source repo
# to the state of the current buildset. After this, deployment jobs
# can run in parallel using this source checkout.
- job:
name: infra-prod-setup-src
parent: opendev-infra-prod-setup-src
description: |
Replicate Zuul source repos to bridge
This replicates the Zuul source state to the bridge node. This
should be run once per buildset.
semaphores: infra-prod-playbook
# The action actually happens in opendev-infra-prod-setup-src
# because it's a trusted playbook. But this might be a handy
# place to hook in things such as writing out secrets from Zuul in
# the future?
run: playbooks/zuul/setup-production-workspace.yaml
- job:
name: infra-prod-playbook
parent: opendev-infra-prod-setup-keys
parent: opendev-infra-prod-base
description: |
Run specified playbook against productions hosts.

@ -353,15 +353,10 @@
# dependencies here rather than job definitions to help keep
# these relationships clear.
# This job replicates the system-config from this buildset
# onto bridge
- infra-prod-setup-src
# This installs the ansible on bridge that all the infra-prod
# jobs will run with. Note the jobs use this ansible to then
# run against zuul's checkout of system-config.
- infra-prod-install-ansible:
dependencies: infra-prod-setup-src
- infra-prod-install-ansible
# From now on, all jobs should depend on base
- infra-prod-base: &infra-prod-base