Don't always update gitea project descriptions

There is some correlation that running the manage-projects playbook
gives our gitea fits. The bulk of the work done here is in trying to
update the descriptions of all projects. There isn't a good way to see
if the description is already set first so we just try and ignore
errors. This creates potentially thousands of operations all at once and
could be why things are sad.

We move these operations under the always update flag which is not set
on normal runs. If we really need to converge to a good updated state we
can manually run the playbook/role with always update set.

We also don't set a limit on the number of ThreadPoolExecutor workers
which will default to 5 * NumProcs. Could be that tuning this down would
make gitea happier.

One other thought is that we may not be using request sessions properly
for connection reuse. In particular requests notes that you need to set
stream to False or read request content to return a connection back to
the pool for reuse. We might look into this for further improvements.

Change-Id: I6e6fb1eb08303e9da7e38cf493d1871364340000
Clark Boylan 2 years ago
parent e077281e4e
commit 16a4bdce02

@ -1 +1,17 @@
Create git repos on a gitea server
**Role Variables**
.. zuul:rolevar:: gitea_url
:default: https://localhost:3000
The gitea to talk to. This is relative to the remote ansible node which
means localhost:3000 is on the ansible inventory node.
.. zuul:rolevar:: gitea_always_update
:default: false
Whether or not all projects should be coerced to the configured and
desired state. This defaults to false because it can be expensive to run,
but if project attributes like issue trackers or descriptions update this
is used to make those changes.

@ -243,12 +243,6 @@ class Gitea(object):
# TODO: use threadpool when we're running with
self.make_gitea_project(project, csrf_token)
# We don't need to create it but lets update descriptions
# since humans like that.
project, csrf_token))
if create or self.always_update:
@ -256,6 +250,12 @@ class Gitea(object):
project, csrf_token))
if self.always_update:
# If we are not creating, but are trying to always update
# then we update the project description.
project, csrf_token))
def run(self):
futures = []

@ -0,0 +1,5 @@
- hosts: "gitea:!disabled"
name: "Create repos on gitea servers"
- role: gitea-git-repos
gitea_always_update: true

@ -539,8 +539,9 @@
# Run twice to ensure that we noop properly when
# all projects are created in gitea. We also update
# zuul's description to ensure that descriptions are
# updated
- playbooks/manage-projects.yaml
# updated. This uses a test specific playbook to set
# the always_update flag.
- playbooks/test-manage-projects.yaml
run_test_playbook: playbooks/test-gitea.yaml